Saturday, April 25, 2015

Welcome – we’re looking forward to working with you!

 Click here to see a PDF of  our “Super Saver” program with details on prices and packages.

 It’s designed with individuals in mind but we also use it for family groupings.

Our CHRISTMAS PACKAGE SPECIAL an additional $25 off ALL sittings and 25a% off 8×10 units

Level 1:  $75 – This includes the Family Group and 5 – 8×10 units.

Additional ‘sub-groups’ are $10.  Perfect if you want a photo of just Grandma and Grandpa; or if you want just a portrait of the baby; or of all the guys; etc.

Additional 8×10 units were $25; with the special 25% off they are $18.75 each.

PLUS: With a Level 1 Family portrait order of $200;

you’ll receive A COPYRIGHT RELEASE and the original digital file!!!!


16x20 cropped to 4x5 formal multi1

Click here to visit our +A Senior Photo Gallery

All sessions include our “Expression Session”, Sitting fee, 5 – 8×10 units, retouching on 2 images + free yearbook photo.

The Super Saver Basic Level 1 is $99 (reg. $119) and the Level 4 is $339; its a longer session with 4-5 outfit changes, inside and outside photos, a Proof Booklet, Facebook & Online Photo Galleries +  a copyright release on all images!

Our “Expression Session” helps put you at ease and lets us know the ‘look’ you are after.  After we take your first few photos, we show them to you and ask; “What do you think and is there anything you might want to do differently?”  We’ll make suggestions and you’ll have an opportunity to practice a variety of poses and expressions.  This session only takes a few minutes but is very helpful, and is the reason why we GUARANTEE “You’ll Love Your Portraits”, since we learn the range of poses and expressions you like.

After your session we”ll view your images, delete the ‘blinks and goofy looks’ and print out your favorites in a Proof book.  We put the photos online and you’ll come back or call in your order. 

We offer on-location and in studio sessions. 


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